“Love and Larceny” (Short Film)


Produced by team “Hot Pot Productions” for the 48hr film contest in New Orleans, LA

Role: Cinematographer / Camera Operator

Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II


Synopsis: A struggling musician turns to thievery in an attempt to prove his commitment to his girlfriend.

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Cast and Crew Credits:

Director: Justin Mapes

Writers: Bridget Coila and David A. Cole

Director of Photography: Adam Alvarez

Assistant Camera: Jean-Paul Bernard

Editor: Stephen Pfeil

Composer: Francis Gagnon

Mixer: Phil Coulombe

Boom Operator: Kathryn Talbot

P.A.: Tawn Fox


Patricia: Ginger Gamez

Keith: Bryan Dupree

Patricia’s Mother: Kathryn Talbot

Patricia’s BFF: Tawn Fox

Keith’s Buddy: David A. Cole